Ice breaker activities for group work

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Ice breaker activities for group work

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These ideas were generated for use in a parenting group context but may be useful introductory activities for any kind of group work:

Find out group members names, ages of children (if appropriate) and personal goals in terms of what people hope to get out of attending the group. You can then refer back to these throughout the group sessions as a way of reflecting on progress, or if people's goals change.

Ask parents to think of something (toy, object etc) that would represent their child and talk a bit about that.

Break the group into two teams, ask each team to think of as many uses as possible for say a lemon, or a tin of baked beans. Give them 2/3 minutes then each group will share their ideas - can be quite funny and you often get some interesting ideas!

Get group members to introduce themselves and say what their favourite food/book/movie/band/crisp flavour is. You can make this a memory game, so that you have to remember the name and favourite thing of the people who answered before you - it can help people to remember names.

The two truths, one lie game. Each group member says three facts about themselves - two are true, one is a lie. The other group members have to figure out which one is the lie.

Start as you mean to go on and get parents to introduce themselves from the perspective of their child. "Hi, I'm george and I'm 6. I've sent my mum Wendy along because I think she's a rubbish mum as she doesn't let me get my way enough" or whatever. Its quite fun, and it sets the scene for empathy and disclosure as well as being a way to get to know each other. It is interesting to see how attuned the parents are to their children.

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