Clinical Audit

Here are references relating to different types of therapeutic interventions we can offer and different types of mental health issues, developmental disorders and other presenting problems.
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Clinical Audit

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Clinical audit is carried out to evaluate whether existing clinical knowledge, skills and resources are being used appropriately, and effectively. It is the systematic evaluation of therapy, and the associated resources (in terms of delivery and time eg. 1 to 1 therapy vs. Group therapy; CBT vs. Psychodynamic) are used and investigating the effect they have on outcome, and quality of life. The primary aim (globally within the NHS) is to improve the delivery of healthcare, and to compare current practice with standards of care. Audit should not focus on clients, but rather the process which they experience when receiving a service. Public Patient Involvement projects are allowing us to gain more insight into client experience.

Clinical research and audit have similarities in that both processes collect data, and use humans as participants. Clinical research is concerned with generating and gathering evidence and/or adding to a body of knowledge of therapeutic efficacy (internal validity). Research findings aim to have a general application. Often clinical research will try assess whether one therapeutic intervention is superior to another, and as such provide us with the tools for evidence based practice. Audit is the process by which we find out if these interventions that have been found as efficacious, are being effectively used, and is an effective treatment within general clinical practice (external validity). This then provides (one method of) practice based evidence.

Audit moves into being research if it requires anyone to change their normal practise, or any clients to get any different treatment. For this reason research almost always needs ethical approval, but audit may not.

A helpful resource containing in depth guidance on the process of conducting research, service evaluation and audit.

Useful guide on how to carry out clinical audit

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