Autistic Spectrum Disorder - info and references

Here are references relating to different types of therapeutic interventions we can offer and different types of mental health issues, developmental disorders and other presenting problems.
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Autistic Spectrum Disorder - info and references

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Some good solid foundation books on the subject include:

Uta Frith - Autism: Explaining the Enigma
Tony Attwood - Asperger Syndrome, a guide for parents and professionals
Francesca Happe - Autism, an introduction to psychological theory

Newer and more specialised books include

Lorna Wing's latest: The Autistic Spectrum a guide for parents and professionals
Carol Gray on social stories
"Voices from the spectrum"

Autobiographies or perspectives from people with ASD include:

Temple Grandin, Donna Williams, Robert Sanders, Luke Jackson, Kenneth Hall, etc

I was quite impressed by this listmania

There's some free stuff on Simon Baron Cohen's website for assessment of autism/aspergers in adults

Differential diagnosis
I do a lot of differential diagnosis work in this area (but with young people) and tend to find that checklists are such a blunt tool, especially if based on self-report or the report of parents (as some are convinced they should or shouldn't have a diagnosis and fill in the questionnaire to match). That is why we collect information from different sources, add observations and clinical interviews to explore the history. A small difference in how the difficulties developed can help me identify learning difficulty, attachment difficulties, ASD, executive functioning difficulties, ADHD type impulsiveness and lack of concentration, or OCD. The checklists often just look at current functioning and would miss this

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