Progressing with a low 2:1

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Progressing with a low 2:1

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This is helpful - thank you guys! 😌

I completed an Undergrad degree in Anthropology with a 2:1, I completed a Masters conversion in Psychology and ended up with a low 2:1 (average of about 62%).

I'll apply for the DClinPsy for the first time this year, I'm aware that my academic background will place me at a disadvantage as there are just so many wonderful candidates to compete with.

I found uni stressful and struggled to keep up at times. Also, I was anxious and quiet in seminars and convinced I had nothing of value to add to discussions. I've worked for the last handful of years and my experience of employment has instilled me with a sense of confidence which I trust would lend itself well to academia. With that in mind, I am realistic about my shortcomings and aware of the additional support and self care strategies I would need to bring to a doctorate (if I ever get on!)

Reaching out to courses to discuss experience and application is a good idea, I'll definitely do that. I'm an AP and I'm making an effort to carry out a small research project within my role, fingers crossed this will help.

No idea what the future holds but I know I would regret not having a stab at applying!
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