Research Study: Moral judgements/ dilemmas in healthcare

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Research Study: Moral judgements/ dilemmas in healthcare

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Research study: Moral judgements/ dilemmas in healthcare
  • Hello, my name is Emily. As part of my doctoral degree in clinical psychology, I am conducting research exploring moral judgements/ dilemmas among mental healthcare professionals.
  • Decision making in mental healthcare is becoming ever more complex. As a result, some decisions can be ethically or morally challenging. I am looking at how a number of characteristics might affect our judgements and decisions.

Who can take part?
  • I am looking for anyone who works in mental healthcare in the UK and who is over the age of 18.
  • This may include: working in a mental healthcare setting or your work requires a mental health qualification (you do not need any specific qualifications in mental healthcare, working in a mental healthcare institution is all that is required).

What does taking part involve?
  • Completing an online questionnaire which lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • Click on the link below for more details and to take part. All contributions would be highly valued.

Ethical Approval
  • The research has been approved by the University of East London School of Psychology Ethics Committee. This includes consent to recruit via the internet.

Link to Study: ... KYHGrS8sEC

If you would like any further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Emily Mortimer on:
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